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Selected images from projects

WELCOME THE STRANGER: A project for social engagement
Lublin, Poland, 2019

WELCOME THE STRANGER: a project for social engagement.
part of Open City Festival 2019, curated by Pawel Leszkowicz and Tomasz Kitlinski
Collaboration with artist Dorit Cypis, Lublin, Poland. 
Opening day, Sept 13, 2019. 

At the Old Well, located in the bus depot in Lublin, Poland, in what was once the Jewish quarter of the city, now obliterated.  Using sound score (composer: Jimmy Harry); texts drawn from exiled poets and persons seeking asylum world-wide-- the Old Well is re-purposed in its original role to bring people together, to welcome the stranger. In addition to the Old Well, the project features 3 water stations, representing long-gone wells, designed to contain a water pail, and inscribed with text collected from persons across the globe struggling to attain asylum. 

from Wyoming Sonata (Autumn).
Costume/props/bowed banjo: Elizabeth Downing
backdrop painting: Will Cotton


Tlakolulokos Murals in the Central Library


Visualizing Language: Oaxaca in LA (2017-2018) was a collaborative project created for the Los Angeles Public Library, featuring a counter-narrative mural on California indigenous history created by the artist collective Tlacolulokos (Dario Canul and Cosijoesa Cernas) and a robust season of public programs at the Central Library and at branch libraries throught Los Angeles. 


Commissioned by the Getty as part of their Pacific Standard Time LA/LA initiative. 


Team: Louise Steinman, Project Team Leader;  Maureen Moore, Project Executive Director; Xochitl Flores-Marcial, consultant;  Imani Harris, grants/development; David Shook; Catalogue editor;  Amanda de la Garza, project curator; Yolanda Cruz, filmmaker; Yolanda Cruz, documentary filmmaker. 



Documentary film on Tlacolulokos by Yolanda Cruz on Vimeo



from "The World Reads Jan Kochanowski," June, 2019
Live stream from LA, Warsaw, Athens, Madrid, London, NYC, Boston
photo: Pawel Gula
collaboration with Susan Banyas
Project Artaud, San Francisco
from "Trails to Treasures (it could be you), collaboration with Susan Banyas
Blasting off to the Moon