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BLOG: SWANS LAST DIVE (inactive) Please see my Crooked Mirror blog

Read the News Today oh boy....

The front page news was so miserable this morning. Analysis of carnage in Mumbai. Bush's plans to muck up abortion rights on his way out of office. (not to mention his ravaging of the environment), the economic recession.

So on with the ipod and a Zen lecture by Norman Fischer called Dharma Practice, Plan B, and a walk around the reservoir on this foggy morning, breathing in, breathing out, summoning courage and wakefulness to face the day. Meditating, he reminds us, is a way of confronting the fact that we are alive. I've been thinking about that in the press of work in my office... remind yourself to stop, go outside, touch the roses in front of Cafe pinot, go to the stacks and read some poetry. Sit still!

"The daily miracle. It does happen." Gertrude Stein
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