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BLOG: SWANS LAST DIVE (inactive) Please see my Crooked Mirror blog

A dear friend... visit from Scotty

Scotty came into town this week in her truck, mud-splattered, Utah license plates. She's on a California road trip from her home in Boulder, Utah-- visits to old friends, family, and as well—plans to paint in Pt. Lobos, Joshua Tree. I’ve known Scotty since high school. In 1967, when Scotty's dad Alan got a job in Heidelberg, Germany, Scotty boarded at Westlake for a year and my parents were her legal guardians.

We roamed Westwood with flowers in our hair, haunted the Sandalmaker's shop on Broxton (he was our older—maybe not wiser—Beat mentor). We filled our green canvas bookbags with European history homework and hitchhiked up the coast to Ojai. Then Scotty moved to Rome to finish high school, where she had a Persian filmmaker boyfriend who wore a suit and tie. The day I graduated h.s., I took off to meet her in Europe. Later, I visited Scotty in Crete, where she lived for twenty years, painting still lifes and landscapes. We hiked to the Prevali monastery, where a mischievous old monk kept filling and refilling my glass with raki… (distilled from mulberry pulp) at 11 in the morning until I/we were blasted, laughing, ecstatic. We are friends. For life.

I’m putting a link to an essay I wrote about Scotty in the L.A. Times to the right, and you can check out her fantastic paintings of the Utah landscape and Rome at and there she is, beautiful smile…

Someday I may pull out the ms. of the book I started writing about Scotty in Crete, LIVING A STILL LIFE.  Read More 
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