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from snowy Chatham, NY

January 3, 2010

Tags: Poland, Crooked Mirror, snow storm, Chatham, NY, Beth Thielen, Milosz, Radomsko, The Souvenir, Poland

I'm in snowy Chatham, a writing retreat at the cozy house of my friend Beth Thielen, a wonderful visual artist. Beth works upstair in her studio while I work downstairs on the edit of CROOKED MIRROR. The woodstove is crackling crackling. Snow is falling falling falling. There's an old cemetery across the road and I've been taking daily walks there, among the Hodels and the Thorpes, the Cosolinos, the McGilvrays and the Mallorys. (My favorite name on a tombstone, d. early 1800's is STORY GOTT). Today the stones are nearly obliterated by the drifts of snow, blanketed with that white weight. In my writing, I'm in Poland, in Radomsko and Sejny, Lublin and Krakow, at Milosz' house at Krasnogruda, walking the Planty in Krakow with Adam Zagajewski. I'm also across the continent from my dear husband Lloyd, working in his studio back at our house in Silver Lake.

to all readers of THE SOUVENIR, to all future readers of CROOKED MIRROR, whoever you are and for whatever reason you've come to this intermittent blog, i offer wishes for a peaceful New Year.


  1. January 5, 2010 7:08 PM EST
    You are , by the evidence of your blog, a daring and committed artist, possessed of a true heart spirit and serious purpose. We who love you and your work eagerly await the publication of CROOKED MIRROR.
    - L J Hamrol
  2. January 7, 2010 3:23 PM EST
    Of all the snowy places in the world, you walked into mine, said the dead lying in the ground. What a far-flung world, btw the cemetery and Poland! Great to be on that voyage with you.
    - Charlotte
  3. January 16, 2010 12:42 PM EST
    Louisele, I'm walking with you in the Chatham cemetery. Just discovered yr blog. Eager for new book. Are you still east? Come to NYC.
    - Melissa