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November 30, 2008

Tags: Mumbai, Slum Dog Millionaire

I'm new to the idea of blogging. For years I've kept a journal, but that's a private dialogue where I make notes, jot down ideas, argue with myself and wrestle with my doubts. It's different thinking of bearing all that to unknown readers. By the time I've finished a book or an essay, i've gone over it so many times, fine-tuning, making sure the intention and nuance is precise. But hey, if you find it to my blog page, you're welcome to share my thinking process.

We went to see "Slum Dog Millionaire" the other night, made eerier by the fact that Mumbai (where the film is set) was under siege by armed militants who were shooting people indiscriminately. The news is still coming out, the tales of miraculous escapes and incomprehensible tragedy. (more…)